Start, Root and Bloom Water Soluble Fertilizer 10-30-20

High in Phosphorous for more roots & flowers

Great for transplanting & bedding plants

CONTAINS: 10% Nitrogen,

30% Phosphorus (P205),

20% Potassium (K20) plus Chelated

Minor Elements.

USE ON: Flowers, roses, houseplants,

vegetables, shrubs and trees

RATE: For a transplanting solution,

mix 2 tablespoons per gallon of water.

Use .5 – 1 pint of solution per plant.

For a foliar feeding, use 1 tablespoonful

per gallon of water. Repeat every 1 – 2

weeks or as needed.

PACKED: 12 x 1 lb. zipper bag w/spoon – #12111

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