Pyrethrin Concentrate

Insecticide made from a relative of chrysanthemum

Controls insects on vegetables, on ornamentals, indoors

& on livestock

CONTAINS: 0.96% Pyrethrins and 9.6%

Piperonyl Butoxide

USE ON: Many vegetables, ornamentals,

livestock, pets, and in households & barns,

as space spray, and to control mosquitoes


CONTROLS: On vegetables and

ornamentals; aphids, whiteflies, beetles,

and worms. Pets and livestock; fleas,

mites, lice, flies, gnats, and mosquitoes.

Households and other areas; ants, roaches,

silverfish, spiders, and many others. Space

Spray: mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and others.

RATE: Vegetables and ornamentals;

2/3 – 2 teaspoons per gal. See label for surface spray,

space spray, mosquito control and livestock rates.

APPLICATION: As a thorough spray or dip.

PACKED: 12 x 8oz. – #10401

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