Aluminum Sulfate

Great for Hydrangeas

Acidifies Soil (lowers pH), corrects

high alkalinity

CONTAINS: Fertilizer grade Aluminum

Sulfate, as Metallic 9.0%.

Not for spray application.

USE ON: Acid loving shrubs like

rhododendrons, hydrangeas, blueberries,

dogwoods, holly, gardenias, camellias,

and azaleas.

CORRECTS: Excess alkalinity in the soil.

RATE: For large shrubs use 1 lb. per 3 ft.

of height. For Trees, use 1 lb. per inch of trunk diameter. For

small shrubs, use 5 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.

APPLICATION: Broadcast evenly, wash off foliage and water.

PACKED: 10 x 5 lb. bag – #00155

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