Residential Product

HERBI – OIL 83-17

• Combines a soluble herbicide oil for penetration &

a surfactant for wetting

• Increase results with 2,4-D Amine, Atrazine,

Basagran®, brush killers & grass killers

CONTAINS: Paraffi n-based petroleum

oils and a blend of oil soluble surfactants.

USE ON: Weeds with herbicide according

to the label. Use with herbicides like

VantageR Herbicide and Atrazine Herbicide.

FOR: Increasing effectiveness of herbicides.

RATE: 1% Emulsion or 1.25 oz. per gallon,

1 pint in 12.5 gallons.

APPLICATION: Apply as a foliar spray with

herbicides according to their label.

PACKED: 12 x Pt. – #05302

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